Never forget Bergman’s vote to undo election

After the horrifying attack on our Capitol building that led to its defacement and five people killed, 147 Republicans still voted to overturn the November election.

They wanted Donald Trump to remain in power even though he had clearly lost an election that was certified by every state in the union.

U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman of our 1st Congressional District was one of them.

Prior to this, he had signed on to a Texas lawsuit that would nullify the results of Michigan’s election even though President-elect Joe Biden had won it by more than 150,000 votes. His participation in these actions is a justifiable reason for him to be recalled, but under the rules of our Constitution, that is not possible. He could be expelled if two-thirds of the House agreed, but since there were 146 other Republican conspirators, that also would not be possible.

That leaves only censuring and that can be done by a “Majority of the House present”. We need to inform and remind people of our District of this affront he committed on our democracy and constitution. When he runs again for representative he will think that the people of our district will have forgotten what he did, but I will never forget and I promise you that for the next two years, I will continue to remind the voters of his unpatriotic actions in this election.

Censuring is a good start. Never forget! Never forget!




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