Bergman must apologize on vote or resign

Yes, stop it … it’s over and the “big lie” regarding the outcome of our recent presidential election propagated by the president and several legislators such as our own Congressman Jack Bergman must acknowledge this fact and apologize for their ongoing, ill-advised position that killed people, destroyed valuable archives, and threatened the very foundations of our democracy. Mr. Bergman, have you forgotten the oath of office that you recently swore?

To that end, for a recent writer to this newspaper to say that Mr. Bergman was operating “as per our U.S. Constitution” is to totally disregard the facts as determined by 57 court cases, a Supreme Court decision, the conclusions of the Republican U.S. attorney general and the oversight officer charged with evaluating the electoral process across all 50 states. The facts are indeed in and it’s time that common sense supports the rule of law regarding the legitimate election of Joe Biden as our president-elect … not the rules fictionally created by folks like the recent writer hoping for a different outcome.

Yes, Mr. Bergman, you must stand up before your legislative colleagues AND your voters and apologize for your ill founded position or resign.




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