The News should try someone other than AP

Are those people in charge of Associated Press (AP) on drugs, or on a different planet? Why on earth are they persistently still trying to brainwash the public that the election went well? This is Pearl Harbor week, and if these same people that run AP were around in 1941, they would be telling the public that global warming caused the ammunition on all the ships to overheat and the Japanese planes were overhead dropping water. It’s no telling what they would say!

While authorities keep discovering a tidal wave of evidence of voter fraud that keeps coming in by the day, how could they in good conscience (if they have any) keep discrediting all the critics as “conspiracy theorists” or even blame white supremacists which is their favorite scapegoat? Alpena News Saturday 12/07 Page 8B confirms their anti-Donald Trump, anti-Republican attitude. How can they ignore the daily findings like the ballot-stuffed suitcases in Atlanta, the 40,000 ballots in Nevada that were counted twice, plus the 20,000 illegal ones that were also counted, also the truck drivers under oath testifying they were carrying ballots from one state to another, and the list goes on?

See the large ad by Jeffrey Green on Page 6A in Saturday’s News. The third one down where is says “that several states ALL shut down vote counting at the same time, and sent poll watchers home.” It’s so obvious what they were doing that it’s comical like blocking windows! Why was there another hurricane? Also being rude to observers and kicking some out. It all adds up! George Greene (12/07) felt the same way about (AP) so Alpena News why not try UPI or some independent news service?




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