Story on recent tragedies hurt, was unneeded

I am very disappointed in The Alpena News for a recent article in the Dec. 19 edition, “2020 saw violence: Police see no trend after two murder-suicides this year.” Publishing a story like this is nothing more than a grab for readership based on events that have deeply affected local families and the community. While your intention may have been to shed light on how these tragedies happen and the implications that strained relationships can have during a stressful time, that point could have been easily made without laying out specific details.

Did you consider for a second how a family member or friend of one of the departed feels reading this story again? On the Saturday before Christmas. The first Christmas they’ll experience without their loved one(s)?

Before you print more of these stories, I would think long and hard about the mental health of those who have already experienced these tragedies and would prefer not to relive them through the news on a regular basis. I do firmly believe the media has a responsibility to report the news, but it needs to be done in a tasteful and respectful manner. This story fell short of that standard.




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