Now, we know who Rep. Jack Bergman really represents

If you have ever wondered who it is Jack Bergman represents, wonder no more. By signing on to the so-called lawsuit filed by the Texas attorney general to overthrow the Michigan election, he left little doubt where he stands. It’s not with Michigan voters or for free and fair elections. We should all be outraged that Bergman, who we have to believe knows better, decided it was politically expedient to ignore the results of the election and declare the loser, Donald Trump, as the “winner,” and the candidate who got the most votes, Joe Biden, the loser.

This attempted coup and other efforts by some Republicans to demolish our democracy all to placate Trump’s tantrum and his cult should be a wakeup call for the rest of us.

As divided and fractured as we are, it is truly mind-blowing that Bergman has no problem throwing gas on the fire.

Is Rep. Bergman really advocating that we model our elections after Venezuela, North Korea and Russia? We certainly hope not!




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