COVID-19 stimulus money needs to go to our small businesses

Regarding Mary O’Neill’s “Hardworking families need virus relief now”, I agree, our small businesses need relief NOW. Economic stimulus monies should be directed to them rather than families. Unemployment remains high by choice. Nearly every business throughout the five counties has a sign saying, “Hiring Now”. Due to the lack of staff, some businesses physically closed or had to cut back business hours. It may not be a dream job, but it is a job. Those on unemployment earlier received an additional $600. That increase stopped people from wanting to return to work because they were making more through unemployment.

Throughout the pandemic, food pantries have been distributing food. Nonprofit organizations distributed Thanksgiving meals. They will probably do the same for Christmas. Many of these families purchased luxury items with their stimulus checks before they paid rent/mortgage. If they still have a cell phone, satellite television, are smoking, drinking soda or alcohol then they do not need relief. These items are considered wants not needs. Yes, there are some people needing additional assistance. That is when neighbors help neighbors.


Presque Isle


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