‘Biased’ mainstream media takes on Biden?

The Saturday, Dec. 12 edition of The Alpena News contained a bonus, as it had an additional comic along with the usual colored comic section. Of course I’m talking about Justin Hinkley’s commentary where he attempts to defend the kid gloves with which the mainstream press has treated the criminal Joe Biden.

Hinkley apparently doesn’t read his own newspaper otherwise he would recognize the abject bias in the Associated Press feed he uses.

He brags that the AP has recently reported on Hunter Biden’s laptop issues. Really? It wasn’t long ago that the AP was telling us that there was nothing to see here when the NY Post reported on the contents of the laptop. Other than a brief mention that it was more Russian disinformation of course.

Reporting on the election cheating claims the AP used such words and phrases as “unproven,” “unsupported,” “false allegations,” “wild claims,” “unsubstantiated,” and “unconfirmed” in its articles. Did you see those words and phrases when the AP reported on the Mueller/Nadler/Schiff Russia hoax? Of course not. It suddenly became an, “Oh, well, nothing to see here, let’s move on” issue when it fell apart.

There is no doubt that there were gross irregularities in the election. If the media would use half the energy it used trying to crucify Donald Trump in the last four years the extent of the fraud would be undeniable. However, if you don’t look for fraud there is none apparently. The old saying comes into play — hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil — with the addition of REPORT NO EVIL when it’s concerning Joe Biden.


Rogers City


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