Yes, America blew it Nov. 3, so God help us

In answer to Ed Hickok’s letter to the Editor on Nov. 3 (“If you blew the Vote Tuesday … “):

Yes, Ed, we blew it, God help us!! We just voted in the most un-American, Godless administration America has ever seen. As one of our greatest presidents once declared, “Communism (the first cousin to socialism) is the world’s evil empire,” so here we are.

Our new president, as with his former boss, will give Iran billions of American dollars to distribute to terrorists around the world, as with his old boss will continue to pass laws promoting the killing of babies in and out of the womb, will coddle rogue nations like North Korea, China, other countries, and reverse all of the great progress Donald Trump initiated that has made America great.

In spite of the fact that thousands of citizens from socialist countries are risking their lives fleeing to America for a chance to live in the Land of the Free, all these facts are being ignored by the United Socialist State of America (USSA).

Can you imagine our brave World War II vets (most long gone) buying into this pathetic anti-American Socialistic crowd? Again, Ed, “GOD HELP US.”

P.S. America’s new socialistic party’s motto should be BLR, burn, loot, riot (road to success).




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