Let’s wait and see about this year’s election

“Foul!” cries one side. “This is election was rigged!”

The other side yells, “That’s just sour grapes, you sore losers!”

So which is it?

Were these election results an honest, accurate expression of the will of the American people, or is there enough factual, substantiated voter fraud to change the outcome? If this was an honest and fair election, as all of us should desire, fine. But if there were hundreds of thousands of illegitimate votes plugged into the system, every American, Democrat or Republican, should be OUTRAGED! All of us who registered and cast legal votes are being stripped of our voice in our democratic society! There’s a word for voter fraud — treason! If our electoral process has been sabotaged, every person who loves this nation must stand up to such treachery.

Fortunately, the wisdom of our Founding Fathers foresaw such a situation.

We have a legal system in place to test the veracity of evidence and rule in favor of the truth.

So … Let’s wait and see what all the testimony and evidence on both sides reveals.

Whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump, I may not like it, but I can live with the result.

Can you?

May God bless America.




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