Elections have needed checks and balances

I have heard a lot about voting fraud both before and after the Nov. 3, 2020 election.

Here is what I know is fact:

1. I volunteered to be a poll worker

2. I attended the election board learning sessions

3. I signed a document stating my party affiliation

4. I took the pledge to perform my job with the highest ethics.

I want to assure voters in my township (Wilson) that there was no voting fraud. There are multiple checks and balances to eliminate fraud. I witnessed all steps and result reporting, which were completely done out in the open, always with persons of different party affiliation. Poll workers always worked in pairs (one Republican, one Democrat) to ensure steps were followed. Each person I worked with, like myself, took their pledge very seriously.

I would encourage any citizen to work on an election.

I found it educational and rewarding.



Wilson Township


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