Can’t clerks remove dead from voter rolls?

I have asked this question of several folks now. They all say it seems so easy. In Michigan, the following are two of the many jobs of a county clerk: register of vital statistics. Records and indexes are maintained on all county births, deaths and marriages. The clerk’s office accepts applications and issues all marriage licenses, reviews and records all county births and death certificates, and issues certified copies as requested.

The second: chief election officer for the county: Supervises elections, receives and files county petitions, serves as a member of the county election committee, clerk of election scheduling committee and the county board of canvassers. Tabulates election results on election night for all federal, state and county elections.

With these two duties stated, this is my question. lf clerks have these duties of recording deaths and maintaining voter records then why, when certifying a death, not also remove that person from the poll books if they are registered? Could it be that hard? This is not aimed at any one person, just a generalization. Seems in this day and age of electronics, there would be a program that offers this as a feature, or if nothing else enter and delete manually. These job descriptions were taken from our county website.




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