Why I have a Donald Trump sign in my yard

As an independent voter, I have a Trump 2020 sign in my yard because I’m tired of state, federal, and local politicians telling me one thing when they want my vote, but then changing their colors.

I’m tired of bureaucrats in Congress and the Justice Department lying and stonewalling. I’m tired of people in the deep state attempting a soft coup and no one being held accountable and being sent to prison. I’m tired of the lying from state and federal politicians. I’m tired of lifelong politicians. I’m tired of politicians tearing down the personal lives of people volunteering themselves for cabinet and judgeship positions. I’m tired of being called a racist just because I’m white. I’m tired of self-appointed health experts that have never treated an actual patient (Anthony Fauci) telling us we have to lock down. I’m tired of people like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi telling us they’re devout Catholics but supporting abortion on demand. I’m tired of courts and judges that cannot understand the plain text in the Constitution but can read all sorts of rights that never existed into it. I’m tired of politicians like Biden enriching themselves and their families by way of China and the Ukraine. I’m tired of politicians and others saying Donald Trump was xenophobic when he shut down travel from China but then saying he didn’t act fast enough. I’m tired of the military-industrial complex and top generals keeping us in unending wars. I’m tired of local, state, and federal politicians defending antifa and Black Lives Matter riots as peaceful. I’m tired of Gretchen Whitmer. I’m tired of all of it.

Also, I’m tired of newspaper editors not seeing or caring about the slant and lies pushed on them by national news organizations (Associated Press) and printing their garbage anyway.


Rogers City


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