Vote Joel Bauer to let a conservative voice be heard

As the former chairman of the Republican Party in Montmorency County, I am casting my vote for Joel Bauer for Circuit Court judge on Nov. 3.

I urge all Republicans to do the same.

I am concerned about the circumstances that led to the appointment of Judge Ed Black to the bench. I followed the stories that were printed in this paper about the investigations that led up to Judge Michael Mack retiring. Realize that Mr. Black had made a complaint to the judicial tenure commission toward Judge Mack. Personally, I find it interesting that this complaint was made, there were no charges filed, and Judge Mack continues to practice law. Then, shortly after Judge Mack’s retirement, Mr. Black receives an appointment to that position?

Mr Black was a major contributor to getting Gretchen Whitmer elected here in our area. He held fundraisers, donated money, and was campaigning for her. Judges should be nonpartisan, but I am sure we can figure where his allegiance will lie. We do not need any more liberal judges on the bench.

Joel Bauer is from our area, he grew up here. He knows what our area needs. He is center of the road, and that is what a judge should be. Would you rather have a Michigan man, who enjoys hunting and the outdoors, or an out-of-stater who is out of touch with our heritage?

Make your decision wisely.

Please vote Joel Bauer. We know the decisions Whitmer has made this year, let’s let the conservative voice be heard.




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