Keep Dave Karschnick on the county board

To the voters of District 3 Alpena County,

Please remember to vote in the Nov. 3 general election. I ask you to vote to elect Commissioner Dave Karschnick as your next District 3 commissioner. Holding an elected office comes with an incredible amount of responsibility and being your representative on the county Board of Commissioners is no exception. Every vote on every issue before the commission affects you, the services provided for you and your family, and your hard-earned tax dollars.

Commissioner Karschnick takes this responsibility seriously and carefully weighs the short- and long-term benefits of how each business and policy decision will affect the citizens of Alpena County.

Dave has a high attendance record at every one of the many committee meetings assigned to him and fills an important role in each one.

He has many years of business and government experience to draw on and has earned the respect of other commissioners.

Please support Dave Karschnick and return him to the District 3 commission seat for a two-year term.


Alpena County commissioner

District 7

Long Rapids Township


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