Criticism of The Alpena News is simply petty

For the nearly 50 years of my Alpena News subscription, I have never observed the petty comments as I have in the last few months. The comments on the “letters policy” and what constitutes a “great newspaper” are feckless predilections of an ersatz pedant. His criticism of the lack of a college-level vocabulary belies the fact that a college graduate can’t be an educated fool.

The fact that the News even indulges these effete diatribes is a tribute to their tolerance to print his rants and “not run from criticism.” Could it be that The News prints his letters to expose his huge (sic) self -indulgent hubris? He must loathe the “whimsey of one individual,” Christians, himself, “obvious ranting,” and “vanity press” (self-loathing). If he can’t assent to the fact that The News is at the very least a “good” newspaper, then I suggest that he renew his subscription to Pravda.

Also, I won’t mention his name because I’m sure it is painfully obvious to News readers.




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