Bergman silent on Trump’s military insults

How gutless is Congressman Lt. Gen. (Ret) Jack Bergman?

Bergman is quick to use his past military career for political gain, but is silent when Donald Trump called our troops, war prisoners, and fallen heroes “losers” and “suckers”.

Knowing unequivocally that Vladimir Putin used cyber tactics to sway our last presidential election, Bergman continues to ignore his oath to protect the foundation of our democratic republic … that being the constitutional sanctity of our vote.

Bergman said nothing when Trump used military leaders as political props for a campaign photo opportunity or deployed U.S. troops to disrupt and inflame a peaceful protest by U.S. citizens. And, unlike his military peers who publicly denounced Russian bounties on American troops, Bergman turned his back on them.

Bergman is not a real leader. His former rank and all of his medals are now meaningless. He’s become a disgrace to his uniform and just another enabling lap dog of draft-dodger Trump.




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