Bauer has qualities needed for circuit judge

To the voters of Alpena and Montmorency county:

I have been an attorney for 51 years. Over that period of time I have handled cases in over 50 counties in the State of Michigan. As such I have appeared in front of state probate judges, district judges, circuit judges, administrative judges, Appeals Court judges and Supreme Court justices. Federally I have appeared in front of federal District Court judges, federal magistrates and federal social security administrative judges.

Suffice it to say I know a good judge when I see one. In my eyes a good judge has the following qualities: He or she must be experienced in the law, have an outstanding personality, be kind, courteous, fair and just and make sure the ends of justice are served.

Being Joel Bauer’s father makes me a bit biased but, then, I and his mother, Mary Jane, raised him. He has all of the qualities I have mentioned above and I know he will make a fine circuit judge.

I would encourage all voters that know me and those that don’t to trust my judgement and cast your vote for Joel Bauer as our next 26th Judicial Circuit judge for Alpena and Montmorency counties.




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