Questioning Alpena’s dispensary decision

It has been proven that communities thrive by supporting locally owned businesses. For this reason, I frequent The Drug Store for my prescriptions in lieu of the larger chain providers to keep the profits local. It is for this reason I was dismayed that an outfit out of Troy, Michigan was awarded one of the dispensary licenses instead of a local businessman with 40 years dedicated to the community in providing much-needed services and employing individuals allegiant to their community.

The business awarded the license has upwards of 15 dispensaries pending or in business throughout the state, from Kalamazoo to the Mackinac Bridge.

I also take issue with the location of these dispensaries, less than a mile apart in Chisholm! I believe Mr. Gilmet and others were swayed by slick business brochures and the possibility of having a shiny new building on Chisholm, albeit right across the street from a homeless shelter.

I have no idea what the criteria is to issue such licenses. I firmly believe in advocating for local investors rather than rewarding a conglomerate from another city with no ties to Alpena.




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