Our family proudly displays Trump yard sign

This letter is in response to one written by Alida Bywater, Aug. 29. She wonders about the people who display Donald Trump/Mike Pence signs in their yards. So, I will tell her about us.

I am very proud to say that our family displays a Trump/Pence flag in our yard. We are a pro-God; pro-Trump; pro-life; pro-gun; pro-law and order family. That’s who we are.

Sadly, Ms Bywater apparently has been brainwashed by the liberal media and the public school system and does not know the truth about President Trump. Apparently, she does not realize that the majority of the riots are taking place in Democratic-run cities. Apparently she does not realize that these same cities want to defund the police. Is that the party you want in power Ms. Bywater?

Food for thought on Election Day.




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