Insurrection in cities is planned and paid for

Eric Roorda, sorry my mistake I meant Seattle. There is so much of this going on it’s hard to keep up with the news. Mayor Jenny Durkan with her lack of leadership condoned and encouraged all that violence and damage. There are many like her nationwide. If I remember right, there were two deaths, one man was shot in his vehicle. That’s when President Donald Trump realized the danger there as things were getting out of control, and wanted to send in federal troops. Yet she and other state legislators around the country are blaming Trump for federal interference. Pelosi called them “stormtroopers!”

I’ve been watching the abundance of letters and few have the courage to call these “peaceful protesters” what they are: “ANARCHISTS!” These people are no different than the Bolsheviks that destroyed and took over Russia. Where are our representatives besides Trump while they terrorize the whole country and destroy our culture? Some of these people don’t even know what they are rioting about. One statue down was an abolitionist black man. Another vandalized was the Virgin Mary in Boston. Plymouth Rock was hit twice this year!

The newest is Rochester, New York, where subversives were yelling “Destroy the U.S.A.” Another said, “We demand retribution or we will burn the city down!” If they want socialism, give them a tour of North Korea first then South Korea!.

There is ample evidence that this insurrection was paid for, rehearsed, and planned long ago as the Communists were waiting for the ample time to act, and exploit the black man like the Democrats do all the time. Hennry Kissinger said “the worst thing we can do about terrorism is to do nothing.” The late President Franklin D. Roosevelt said “whatever happens in politics doesn’t just happen but is planned.”




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