Downplaying of COVID-19 unacceptable

President Donald Trump’s recent justification of his actions (lying about and downplaying COVID-19) by comparing them to President George W. Bush’s action on 9/11 is totally invalid. The attack of 9/11 was an event that had already happened. The COVID-19 information Trump lied about was for something that would happen in the future. Had President Bush known about the attack before it happened, wouldn’t he have told the occupants of the World Trade Center so that at least some of them could have been saved – panic or no panic?

Trump’s actions are comparable to an air controller not warning pilots of dangers or a doctor withholding from and lying to a patient about a cancer diagnosis for any reason. Those are totally unethical and immoral acts which I believe any moral person would find unacceptable.

How many of those almost 200,000 people who have died so far — had they known in February how rampantly COVID-19 spreads — would have changed their behaviors so as to not be infected and still be alive today if Donald Trump had not acted immorally and unethically?

I cannot understand those who continue to support him.


Presque Isle


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