Let’s act like we’re really in this together

“We’re all in this together” says a sign outside The Shop on U.S.-23 South in Alpena. We really should all be in this together. Unfortunately, we are not. Thanks for the reminder, Mike.

Divide et impera (Latin) or divide and conquer. Some attribute this to the Romans, others give credit to Jesus. Regardless of who gets the credit, the end result is to win by getting your opponents to fight amongst themselves. This is an age-old philosophy that has been used by almost every government in the world to manipulate and control its people since the beginning of governments.

Antifa riots, Black Lives Matter protests, the overblown reaction to the coronavirus, lockdowns, social distancing, masks, coronavirus treatments, the impeachment, the Mueller investigation, on and on, have all been forced on us with the intent to DIVIDE us as it makes us easier to rule and therefore control.

In Nazi Germany, citizens turned on citizens and we all know how that all turned out. Are we smart enough to avoid that trap? We are in the process of erasing our history and at the same time destined to repeat it. Mask and social distance shaming, neighbors ratting on neighbors, patrons calling the police to report businesses that aren’t complying with unconstitutional orders, etc. Is this who we really want to be?

Together we are strong. We are stronger than our overbearing governments. Our governments only have the power that we collectively give them and it is all too obvious that we have given them way too much. Let’s take some of it back, now! Like Mike’s sign says, “We are all in this together!” Now let’s act like it. It’s the only way that we the people win. Together we have the power.




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