An idea for solving our recycling problems

You have often written editorials and have had articles published about the problems connected with recycling. People place items into recycling bins which do not belong there.

There is a very simple solution to that problem.

It’s called curbside pick-up.

Everyone has a garbage bin or bag and recycle open tubs. A tub for paper, a tub for plastic and metal, and a tub for cardboard.

On garbage day, the tubs are emptied by the haulers. Haulers will need a three-compartment truck for recycle pick-up.

On recycle day pick-up, if the excellent recycle haulers see items in the tubs which do not belong there, it is not picked up. It is left for the homeowner to re-sort and get it right.

The hauler might also leave a note in the tub with a recycle list the first few months until all get accustomed to the new practice.

Once tubs have not been emptied a few times, the homeowner will get the idea.

We pay for garbage pick-up and we pay taxes for recycle disposal so the cost could be covered. No one would have to be paid at the recycle place to sort out what does not belong.

I have seen these plans work very well in many other towns.

The haulers would have initial outlay for cost of the extra truck. The initial cost for the first truck could be subsidized partially by the recycle tax.

Later costs would be up to the hauler as business expense.

The roll-off and the roll-off haulers would not be necessary and would eliminate the unsightly mess around where the roll-offs are placed.




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