MediLodge staff is proud to serve with care

You do not speak for our facility, a facility that is full of people working hours you cannot fathom. COVID-19 moves quickly, but our CNAs move faster.

You do not speak for my nurses and CNAs. They are living in campers and tents and garages and hotel rooms so that they do not bring this virus home.

You have not seen these people sweat to the bone in the isolation gear that is required to keep our residents safe.

You have not seen these people sob into their N95s as they work because they have not seen their children in months.

You have not seen as we have seen, and you do not know what we know. That’s OK. I wouldn’t wish a true understanding of this nightmare upon anyone.

All you need to know, Julie Riddle, is that we are proud to serve this community. We are proud to hold our residents’ hands when their families cannot. We are proud of the care we give every day. Should the day ever come in which you or someone you love needs care, should you enlist our services, know that you would be treated with dignity, compassion, and care.

That is who we are.

That is what we do at MediLodge of Alpena.




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