Abuse of power in pandemic has gone too far

The coverage that your News provided about coronavirus in our area has been great. At least you gave us some information that we have been needing.

I can no longer tolerate the idea of the residents at MediLodge of Alpena, after five months, still being what I consider to be in a hostage situation by the State of Michigan.

I have called the governor, I have called our local District Health Department No. 4, to be completely ignored by both.

I was sad, then heartbroken, to hear my family member crying over the phone. This keeping them safe has gone way too far. Now I am so angry that they can not see families, friends, anyone from the outside. Why is this when the facility is virus-free?

This lockdown for so long has caused mental deterioration of my family member,the orders and protection are truthfully killing him day by day. Where is anyone from this city? Mayor, where are you? You can probably get through to our governor better than me.

Alpena has had a low COVID-19 count for months now. When will this abuse of power of the young and older residents stop?

Cripe, I am crying as I write this, think about not seeing your loved one for almost six months and they are so close, how would you feel?

I am begging anyone that feels like me to demand a meeting with city officials about this matter.That’s if they answer the phone. Or contact me about a little protest. We have to free and see our family members from this bureaucratic mess.




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