Why is guv not serving her ‘state family’?

I read with interest the commentary by Tim Skubick titled “Guvs Need Their Families, Too.”

However, my opinion of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer differs from what is written. Gov. Whitmer did not “… evacuate 10,000 members of her state family in Midland as cascading flood waters turned the city into an unwelcome river town.” The truth is Gov. Whitmer is responsible for the denial to lower the water level, because of the harm to the freshwater mussels, which was the cause of the dam breaking in the first place.

I read recently that “The two dams that failed in Michigan on Tuesday are among at least 170 dams in the state that are classified as having a ‘high’ hazard potential by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, meaning that a failure could result in the loss of life.”

So where has Gov. Whitmer been when she was aware of the possible failure of the two dams that could have cost many lives? I did some reading about Gov. Whitmer on Wikipedia and it looks like she has had a charmed life with many benefits along with a road destined for a political career.

So why is she not doing the job she wanted? Why has she not taken her second husband’s name, Marc Mallory, and why is she complaining about the duties of being governor of Michigan (“… she needed a punching bag in her office …”), which seems to have been her goal? Is it possible she is too busy looking for a role in the White House and too preoccupied to care about the lives of Michigan citizens who will deal with more possible floods if other dams break under her watch?




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