Making sense of state’s virus restrictions

So far, the Olympics, the Octoberfest, the Cherry Festival, and, locally, the Brown Trout Festival have all been canceled because of the high rate of contagion of the coronavirus.

These events have not been eliminated without consideration. Understood that we are all getting anxious about getting back to normal. What I don’t understand is the resistance to the restrictions that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has had to make. In the May 1 edition of The Alpena News, Sue Allor, our state representative, seems to have it all figured out from the safety of her “remote” location, where she and her staff are working.

Why, instead of criticizing the governor for trying to save lives, wouldn’t our representatives try to encourage looking out for your neighbors and practicing self-discipline during this time? If decency isn’t enough, Ms. Allor, read what the frontline workers, the doctors, and the scientists say about the need for restrictions.




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