Always shine light on the travesty of abortion

I was a bit disappointed in the replies to my letter to the editor dated May 4.

The responses I received only admonished my opinion on abortion as not newsworthy or not appropriate for today’s times. It is exactly this type of thinking of political correctness that has virtually destroyed our ability to even seek common dialog.

I, for one, will always shine a light on the travesty of abortion that occurs in this nation, for it is my belief that this single issue will define my generation. We pray to God for deliverance from the ravages of this current pandemic yet we as a nation systematically abort over 2,000 of his children daily. That is the ultimate in hypocrisy in which we all must bear.

Finally, I direct my comments to Ms. Greene. You have publicly called me out and have attached to me the label of a bully. All for simply exercising my rights of free speech when replying to a letter to the editor. Your tactics are often used by the ultra-extreme left who attempt to silence those who might disagree with their ideals. One who opposes such ideals through the right of free speech is publicly labeled as a racist or bully, to which I assure you I am neither.

I have been told that you seek public office. Above all else, you must understand that the rights that you disparage today as a private citizen will be the same rights that you will be asked to uphold as a public servant. The individual who may stand before you seeking the constitutional right of due process must also be extended every right afforded to them by our Constitution, regardless of any political differences that you might have with them.




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