Pandemic will go on if we don’t wear masks

I live in Atlanta, Michigan. The one grocery store in town is constantly overcrowded and social distancing is not practiced.

That is why I choose to drive to Alpena and shop at Meijer. I appreciate the efforts made by their employees to keep the store as sanitary and safe as possible for its customers during this pandemic.

I wear a mask and gloves whenever I shop at Meijer, or go out to any public place. However, on my last visit, I observed several people shopping in the store and not wearing masks or gloves. When I asked an employee about this, I was told that “we’re not allowed” to insist that customers wear masks.

This pandemic is going to go on if people can’t get it into their heads that these measures are needed not to “take away their liberties,” but to help save lives!

People in other circumstances, in other times, have been asked to sacrifice a lot more than being asked to comply to wear a mask and keep and others safe from COVID-19.

If they insist on endangering others, store owners should be brave enough to ask them to leave.




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