No role for weapons at the Capitol

Dear Rep. Allor,

I would like to add my voice to those expressing shock with the recent invasion of the Capitol by fringe “protestors” bearing loaded assault weapons.

Don’t get me wrong I own hunting weapons and use them safely, and as a physician advocate for gun safety training with my patients.

However, I can see absolutely NO role for weapons within the Capitol building. Rather than speak to our freedom to bear arms it overtly sends a chilling message to our representatives even as they debate policy that there is a risk to those who may not agree with their philosophy. And that doesn’t even consider the risk to the Michigan State Police who need to be on hair-trigger alert to risk their lives in the event that there is an accident or a misguided violent act. Please protect yourselves and make the campus weapons-free.

There is no role other than intimidation for this outrageous behavior.


Hawes Township


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