MediLodge employees need a place to stay

On Saturday April 25, The Alpena News published an article announcing, Alpena Community College President Don MacMaster said they gave 16 apartment keys to MidMichigan and the Alpena Fire Department to use if their employees fear exposing their families to the virus. “They could use the units for free, to ease their burden.” What a wonderful gesture.

My next thought went to MediLodge employees. With the coronavirus outbreak being in their facility, their employees and families are at the greatest immediate risk. Their families are important to them, too.

I called Cindy DeRocher, director of campus housing at ACC. I asked if ACC would consider extending this same offer to MediLodge employees, since some of their employees were in dire need of a place to stay, away from their families. She didn’t have an answer, but assured me she would bring my suggestion to their meeting on Wednesday morning. Late Wednesday afternoon before the college closed for the day I called her to see if they reached a decision. She said she “empathized my concerns,” but “at this time all of the apartments are spoken for.” (Not that they are actually being used). Ending the conversation by saying, “maybe MediLodge could help and take care of their employees.” So I guess “being in this together” doesn’t mean the same to all of us.

The staff at MediLodge deserve a big thank you for taking care of this community’s elder population. It’s not easy, but you are a true blessing to your residents and their families. Knowing you are there for them when they are so alone, while heartbreaking for you, it is the truest compassion and comfort you can give them. Prayers to you, your family and your team. Stay safe, stay strong!!


Retired RN,



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