LGBTQ initiative attacks religious freedom

Our religious freedoms are being gravely compromised. Homosexuality is cancerous in a Christian society. It is an abomination to God! The Bible is very clear on this.

The gay pride agenda attacks all Christian rights with a vengeance. The Equality Act, Equal Rights Act, and Freedom for All Act are intended to silence Christians!

Mike Westfall, the regional representative spokesman for the American Family Association of Michigan, published two articles in The Alpena News. Both factual!

“Equality acts challenge religious freedom,”

∫ and, “Attorney General Dana Nessel’s attack on faith”

The latter states clearly the attorney general is using the office for her personal gay agenda. Christians ARE being discriminated against!

Trevor Thomas is co-chair for an anti-LGBTQ discrimination ballot drive. They want to add LGBTQ anti-discrimination protections to Michigan’s civil rights law. There isn’t any need for such redundant protections.

The Constitution of the United States of America clearly protects all of its citizens EQUALLY! The LGBTQ agenda will completely DESTROY that EQUAL protection!

Urgently, we must pray for our nation!





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