Elected leaders should share in sacrifice

This letter is addressing all Democrats, Republicans, Socialists or whatever your political affiliation. You, as a group and even in some cases as individuals have decided to shut down our economy due to health issues related to COVID-19. I am not arguing whether you did the right or wrong thing. However, I am stating to you as a small business owner that your decisions have taken away my livelihood. My pay and my ability to pay our employees stopped the minute you decided to shut down our economy and your blanket rules were enforced. I am sure you are aware a lot of businesses are going to go bankrupt as a result of your decisions. What personal financial sacrifice have you made as politicians?

My proposal to you as politicians is that when you decide to shut down the economy you also lose your paycheck/health care during these trying times. I propose that any time the government is not operating or decides to shut down the economy, all politicians immediately would lose your paychecks and health insurance. You would not get reimbursed for this loss in pay or health care costs. You can take loans or possibly go on unemployment if you qualify from past employment. This would be consistent with what you are asking “We the People” to do.

The government has decided what is good for us normal people in these trying times. It is well overdue that they participate in the pain and suffering that we people experience during times of crisis. Remember, government, your pay comes from us regular people via taxation. Why should you get paid in a time of crisis when we are not? Rules made by government should be followed by government.

Let’s get this on a ballot and vote it into law.




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