Criticism of Cardwell unfair, misdirected

Aiden Cardwell’s thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic are those of a man mature beyond his years. The criticism of his letter by Robert Page is unjustified and factually inaccurate. Page notes that Cardwell did not

mention abortion, which is true. Letters about the pandemic usually do not include mention of abortion, or any of the other largely prevented causes of death. Page calls Cardwell a hypocrite. Some conservatives of today hold opposing points of view.

Page writes that Cardwell “speak(s) of this nation’s Constitution as if that very document is where we derive our right to life.” Cardwell made no such statement. He wrote, “The Constitution first and foremost protects one’s right to life.” Cardwell makes no claim as to where the right is derived, but only that the Constitution protects it.

Unfair, misdirected criticism is not a convincing way to bring persons around to your position on any issue. While I would agree with some of Page’s position on some issues, I would prefer discussing the issues of the day with Cardwell, whom a distinguished family is raising. No doubt the examples, directly and indirectly, of his father and family members help forming his maturity.

I encourage and look forward to more letters and any other kinds of expression Cardwell may have on public issues. He is an exciting example of how reasonable persons with different views should discuss contested ideas. Nothing is learned from a person who agrees with you on all things.




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