Grateful for community’s help with lost dog

Four months ago, we bought a 4-year-old golden retriever named Ava. When we brought her home in the car, with her leash in hand, she heard a loud noise and bolted and ran down State Street on Lake Huron. Three hours we tracked her prints in the snow. She jumped into the water and kept swimming until she ultimately drowned.

We put the word out with the firefighters, police department, people on the lakeside, as well as the Department of Public Works if anyone found her washed up on shore to please notify us.

Four months later, this past Sunday evening, she did. And with the help from a local police officer, a firefighter, and our daughter, they helped us locate her. We took her to our local veterinarian for proper cremation.

Our local police Officer L. Melburg and firefighter Capt. Tim Slosser were so helpful, caring, and compassionate at this difficult time, along with Fire Chief Bill Forbush and Capt. Andy Marceau who assisted four months ago.

We cannot thank them enough. We are indeed very fortunate to have people like this in our community.




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