Chicken Little on social media amid virus spread

Though the spread of COVID-19 virus is a worldwide situation, not yet a Northeast Michigan event, the current virus pandemonium is affecting us in Alpena already. Why are we panicking? I wish we could each take a deep breath and go on about our lives as we have for generations, taking care of those who come down ill and use common sense regarding ourselves.

The disruption of schedules and life, as reported in the Friday, March 13, Alpena News, seems premature and perhaps quite unnecessary. What will we do when (if ) we actually have cases of this current nasty virus in the coming weeks in Alpena area? We will be exhausted from the panic and social media and news will be on to some new “alarm.” Chicken Little was right, the sky is falling and we pulled it down on our own heads.

Kati Meek — who may or may not survive 2020, but hopes our after-life will have space for all.




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