Yours, mine, and ours — safe, warm, and dry

I graduated from Alpena High School in 1989 and attended Alpena Community College, becoming a Registered Nurse in 1993. In 2002, I left Alpena to begin my life’s journey. My parents hoped I would be “back someday.” They were right, as parents usually are. Last fall, I left the state of Florida and returned to my hometown with my husband and two daughters. I felt confident they would both receive a quality education, as I had.

Recently, I learned of the bond proposal and was compelled to investigate the details. I have toured several schools and watched teachers guide kindergarten students around buckets catching water from roof leaks, observed high school students wearing winter gear in the classroom to stay warm, witnessed signage warning teachers of potential asbestos, watched as parents helped their children avoid parking lot pavement hazards, and noted potential security concerns at my children’s school.

The upcoming bond proposal is critical to ensuring our children are provided the environment necessary for effective learning. It’s time the citizens of Alpena County join together to advocate for our children — yours, mine, and ours. For the students attending Alpena Public Schools today will be the leaders of tomorrow. I encourage you to educate yourselves, ask questions, take a tour of the school closest to your home before you vote.

If you are still a naysayer afterwards, my husband, daughters and I would welcome the opportunity to share a $30 meal with you. Please consider, on average, that $30 is one-third of the total taxes you are currently paying to keep our children Safe, Warm, and Dry. Your taxes will not increase with a Yes vote. Please vote Yes on March 10.




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