Monsters we make are a demonic version of us

Let us all, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, atheist, gay, white supremacist, neo-Nazi, religious person/zealot, or this (ism) that (ism), take a step back and remember: We are Americans and human first! Treat everyone with respect. If you don’t like a certain show, don’t watch. If you don’t like what a newspaper is printing, don’t read. If you don’t like a certain religion, don’t practice. If you don’t agree with the minister, priest, or reverend, do not attend that church. However, if people do not believe like you, don’t try to jam your thoughts or beliefs into or unto them. This is not anyone’s place to do, yet we have many people trying, including the present administration, blaming and telling lies.

Blame, blame, blame. Do we blame ourselves? Stop blaming people because they think different than you in politics or religion. Brandon R. Grafius writes: The monster serves as a way for a social group to construct identity, by constructing a picture that is the opposite of how they see themselves. However, because our self-image is always distorted, this monstrous other will often reveal uncomfortable truths about ourselves. In short, they are somewhat like us, yet they are a demonic version of us.

Is it people are afraid or angry because this world slipped into the 21st century without them? We are given the right to practice our God and/or religion by whatever name we want to call it. We have a constitutionally given right from our forefathers that assures us that we can be free to choose our paths, beliefs and thoughts, and not be under someone’s thumb until we die.

This world will never reach the utopian dream some people desire. Only robots can reach that state and why? Robots do not have human feelings?




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