Commend PI board for 2nd Amendment vote

I commend Presque Isle County Commissioners Shutes, Gapczynski, and Darga for passing a Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution at their meeting on Jan. 30. Further, I thank Sheriff Brewbaker, his deputies, and county Prosecutor Radzibon for supporting this resolution against additional anticonstitutional firearms laws and so-called “red flag” confiscations. “Red flag” laws are particularly onerous, as they allow a judge, in an ex parte proceeding based only on an uncorroborated complaint, to confiscate legally owned firearms from a citizen neither convicted of a felony or violent misdemeanor, nor adjudicated mentally incompetent. This turns the American judicial system on its head, forcing a person to prove their innocence to regain their constitutionally protected property. Even more amazing, “red flag” laws let truly dangerous threats remain free to commit mayhem with vehicles, bludgeons, knives and machetes, incendiaries, explosives, poison, and stolen or illegally purchased firearms. “Red flag” laws truly make the judicial process itself the punishment, without even protecting society at large. Again, I thank the commissioners for passing this symbolic resolution supporting law-abiding Americans’ God-given, unalienable right to their armed defense of life and liberty.


Rogers City


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