Alpena Public Schools needs a helping hand

Safe, warm and dry … What does that mean to most? Safe … proper doors, locks and security. Warm … Heaters, walls and roof. Dry … Roof, walls and floors. I have been watching social media, news and TV on this particular issue, I have seen the posts/comments all over Facebook and all the letters to the editor. I have gone to the town hall meetings. I have gathered a ton of information, and it all points in one direction. Regardless of past administration, past school board members, all the history of the bumps and bruises, Alpena Public Schools needs a helping hand. I truly believe that is one of the best things Alpena does, we give a helping hand. We see it everywhere! The animals of the county, the seniors, the students, the flags that are put out several times a year, the flowers all over town, and the beautiful tree at Christmas. Now I believe it time we show it to the schools and our children. March 10, 2020, we all have the opportunity to vote for our child to be safe, warm and dry.




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