Protect tax dollars, road money for Northeast Michigan

Everyone in northern Michigan should read Tim Skubick’s editorial in Tuesday’s paper regarding the road funding.

It addresses the comments made by state Sen. Pete Lucido in a recent interview with Skubick.

I watched that interview and Sen. Lucido spent most of his time shouting and fist-pounding regarding his strong feeling that Southeast Michigan is not getting their fair share of the tax dollars.

His plan, as listed in Skubick’s article, would give the three Southeast counties an increase of $409 million dollars in road funding.

Where do you think that money will come from? … Northern Michigan counties, of course.

Tim Skubick even mentions Alpena in his editorial as an area that will be slighted.

This man is considering running for governor. That would be devastating to northern Michigan. By his repeated comments, it is very obvious that he has no concern in any way for the people of northern Michigan. You can watch the interview on WKAR’s website. Hopefully, our elected representatives will stand up against this loud, fist-pounding money grabber and protect out tax dollars here in Northeast Michigan.


Alpena Township


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