Protect elections, and report accurately

Your recent article, “Elections must be protected,” caused quite a stir. The article was missing the dates of the audit and incorrectly stated that some township clerks were out of compliance with training and accreditation. One of those clerks is from my township, and she was not only embarrassed, but was not out of compliance with the accreditation required by the state.

I think at the very least the paper should print a retraction and apology to those communities that were “called out” as non-compliant but actually were up-to-date on all training.

You posted the article on Facebook, where the trolls were happy to come out and bash these hard-working clerks that are dedicated to doing the job and doing it well.

Somewhere, there is a breakdown in communication with this Auditor General and the information they recently released. I believe our STATE and the AUDITOR GENERAL are the entities that are out of compliance!




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