Our ‘fear of the other’ leads to demonization

Don’t attack journalists. “It has to stop” … period. Yet it is the mantra of this present administration to say the “media is the enemy.” Fair-minded people recognize that if we had only one newspaper and/or one TV news broadcast we would be under a rule we don’t want to be under. This has happened before in Nazi Germany.

Why aren’t important documents or witnesses released from this administration? Contrary to what has been stated, President Donald Trump will never ever change his tune about anything other than lying. His latest fiasco should prove that “I don’t want to start a war” is a ridiculous statement. How did that turn out for Hitler?

Michael Spicer is saying let people be people and wrong or right that is his right to conclude his belief. Therein is the problem because he does not follow and believe like Mike Westfall. Mr. Spicer (or anyone else) decides to believe his way leave them alone in their beliefs because just maybe they do and have read the Bible with all of its wars, rapes, demeaning other religions, destroying civilizations, cultures and killings. Mike Westfall, “thou shalt not kill” is not limited to just unborn children. Revelations: beware of the antichrist and his false prophets.

An ironic twist. Alexander Wendt, a German political scientist, points out that often our “mutual fear (of the other) is so great that factors promoting anything but negative identification with the other will find little room to emerge.” Processes of hate and demonization of the other reveals the anxieties held by a group and its inverse informs the group’s ideal identity.

Mr. Hinkley, a great write up in the paper. I don’t always agree but at least you tell both sides of the story that lets me make up my mind about the outcome.




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