Costs of ignoring God’s words are eternal

Michael Spicer calls me a moral crusader. He laments that conservatives are greedy and destroying the earth and that the pot crowd isn’t targeting Alpena children with their poison. He postulates that practicing homosexuals will get into heaven, the Bible doesn’t deal with abortion, anti-family entertainment is acceptable, the pastors who support President Donald Trump are dishonorable, and Biblical principles are not “what this nation stands for”.

His conclusions are wrong. How can anyone not agree that the next generation of marijuana customers will be today’s children or that local politicians are scrambling to make marijuana widely available in Alpena? Thank you to David A. Dionne for his excellent letter on the dangers of marijuana. Spicer only has to open his Bible to find “thou shalt not kill,” yet there have been millions of America’s unborn children savagely aborted. In Leviticus, Spicer would find God calling homosexuality detestable and an abomination. In Corinthians, he would learn that men who practice homosexuality will not inherit the kingdom of God. We should have love and compassion for these confused people, but we should also warn them what the Bible says.

There are eternal costs for ignoring God’s Word to fit personal beliefs or lifestyles. The Bible forewarns us that dishonoring God’s Word is mocking God. Those who do so lack reverence, wisdom and faith as they scoff, question and challenge God’s directives. They do so at their own peril.

We’ve seen America grow increasingly oblivious to core morality issues. The Church’s silence is deafening. If it doesn’t begin speaking out, then America will soon no longer be a nation under God. It will become a pagan nation under hedonism: a profound religious abyss where ridiculed and persecuted Christians are devoid of their meaning, their influence and their … Church.


Presque Isle


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