Couple issues with Hinkley’s commentary

Relative to the statement, “Campaign contributions need to be reported, with a focus on naming donors …,” that may have been OK in years past, however, in today’s highly toxic political climate, where one particular party repeatedly targets to silence or destroy the other, I would not recommend it.

Think Barack Obama’s weaponized IRS who unjustly attacked Frank VanderSloot (CEO Melaleuca) for his donating a large sum to Obama’s opposing party candidate, Mitt Romney. That same IRS targeted Christian nonprofits seeking tax exempt status. Their applications were unduly delayed until after the presidential election. Or more recently, the LGBTQ community targeting Chick-fil-A for donating to groups they didn’t agree with. Or how about Maxine Waters … enough said.

The commentary closes referring to Woodward’s and Bernstein’s book, “The Final Days,” which looked at the end of Nixon’s presidency. Here, you state the book depicts, “what may be the last time politicians truly put country first.” I suspect this was a snub at Trump, if so, you have indeed been blinded by the media’s recognized bias. The old adage rings true, when one says something long enough, one tends to believe it, even if it’s not true.




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