Question we should be asking on health care

The United States of America pays more for health care than any other nation in the world and most of the developed nations and even some under-developed nations provide universal health care for all of their citizens. The real question is, “Why don’t we have the health care we are already paying for?”

In the next election, only vote for those politicians who can answer this question.

Ideas include:

∫ Removing profit centers from administrating health care coverage

∫ Removing the complicated bureaucracy of multiple-level/multiple-payer insurance providers

∫ Negotiating drug prices with pharmaceutical companies

∫ Simplifying coverage rates and regulations to increase awareness and help drive out fraudulent practices

∫ Annual program reviews to verify the ongoing success of programs and make further improvements

These ideas alone will eliminate 30% to 40% of current health care costs.


Presque Isle


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