I can understand why there’s police shortage

Regarding the Nov. 18 story, “Police agencies struggle with recruitment,” it is no surprise to me, and I could see a major law enforcement crises coming shortly. Its obvious because of the way the big media and some liberal courts treat them as bloodthirsty storm troopers! I had a relative in that type of service back east and the job is a life risk, tiresome, thankless job with average pay or less.

They have to follow the “rules of engagement” when encountering thugs, and are very vulnerable to lethal attacks and/or being sued for doing his/her job. The mainstream media

like the Communist News Network (CNN) has played a major roll in public relations by the

everyday demonizing of law enforcement officers!

Many police officers went to prison for doing their job where years ago (when we had decent,

clear-thinking legislators), the condemnation would have been on the perpetrator. A disgusting case recently in Detroit was when a person was driving erratically through the streets on an all-terrain vehicle, and was endangering life and property. After many repeated warnings, and by lights and siren, he refused to stop for the State Police. One of the officers in the car tasered him, and he lost control and was killed hitting a parked truck. The officer was charged with manslaughter for doing his job. Years ago that would have never happened.

On NBC News recently showed a video of a student throwing a fit kicking and screaming.

The school officer did his best to calm her down and restrain her. He grabbed her by her hair as she was completely out of control. The school fired the officer! What else could he do?

If this shortage continues the Guard may have to fill in the void.




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