In defense of Earl Elowsky on climate change

I find it interesting that in 1972 when the United Nations first submitted their theory of greenhouse gases trapping heat, it was labeled man-made “global warming.” That title has now given way to “climate change” as the computer model supporting global warming fell apart when there was a pause to the rising temperatures. Truth is; the geological record confirms the earth has been repeatedly warming and cooling over its long history and we owe our Great Lakes to a warming period that melted the Wisconsinan glacier that once covered this vast area.

The current hysteria that man needs to radically curb carbon dioxide emissions in order to save the planet is nothing more than a hoax in a long line of doomsday projections that have ALL failed to materialize.

To Sharon Rickard’s letter of Sept. 28, relative to your question to Earl, “By what authority do you make your claim,” I’ll provide Genesis 8: 22, where God stated, “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

Also Sharon, you provide no data to support your blind assertion that, “96% of scientists believe this is a looming threat to the earth.”

To Casey Benton’s letter of Sept. 28, where she makes the statement, “Earl is completely ignorant to the facts.” I would advise her to do some simple research and quit listening to the complicit mainstream media who are all too anxious to sensationalize every climate event in order to fatten their bottom lines.