Townships: Carefully weigh pot, community

I appreciate that the board of Rogers Township hosted a hearing on Monday night on the potential licensing of local establishments to sell marijuana for recreational use.

Yes — “nuclear weed” is likely coming to a place near your home and family. We learned at the meeting that in 1970 one would have to smoke 15 times the amount of marijuana as is contained in one joint today.

This is the “commercial strength” cannabis that will be sold locally. We learned that this product is “marketed” by targeting people who earn less than $20,000/year.

I did some additional research and according to expert Ben Cort, “big marijuana,” the commercial cannabis growers, expect only 20% of their customers to consume 80% of their product.

In short, it’s the low-income “problem user” who they need as their primary customers. My hope is any local townships carefully weigh the pro-pot propaganda against the broader interests of the community. Perhaps we need to learn more, before jumping on the recreational cannabis bandwagon?


Rogers City


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