The politics of character assassination

I have thought about the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of our Alpela County undersheriff, Terry King.

It appears that Sheriff Kieliszewski is just another politician who has decided to use the path of destroying a political opponent by implying they did something wrong. Of course, this was done after Sheriff Kieliszewski said he was going to retire and then changed his mind. The rub was that undersheriff Terry King had discussed running for the sheriff’s position, and that did not sit well with Sheriff Kieliszewski.

Terry King is an active community member and a just and honorable public servant caught up in politics. His integrity and character was without question until he decided to run for Sheriff Kieliszewski’s position. For those who do not know the background to all this, read the letter undersheriff Terry King wrote dated June 24, 2019.

I guess the old political adage “if you cannot beat them at the polls, destroy their character and reputation” is still alive, even in Alpena. These actions have caused me to reevaluate my opinion of Sheriff Kieliszewski. Does he have the integrity and character to continue as sheriff of Alpena County?




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